Why i am not losing weight ?

Why am I not losing weight ?

By Aneeta Verma  on: 11 November 2016
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Weight loss is not a rocket science it is all in your hand ,

why i am not losing weight although i am doing almost every thing which i found on net ?, very common question i being asked by patients at clinic . And at this point of time i generally feel what to say now , from where to start to make them understand the cause , my first move is to ask what you had , answer comes out yesterday was so busy so i had not much i had tea / coffee and a bread then a fruit and in lunch it was busy so i just had  salad and in dinner it was 1 chapati and sabji thats it i am not eating much , now a days  i am skipping my dinner i use to have only fruit or milk , and some time i forgot to take fruits else i am doing all same . 

i am worried why i am not losing ?

Then my expression are like what to say some time i feel why all this , why people not understanding that eating like this will never going to make them katrina khef , but it will make them patient on next bed of any hospital or in my physiotherapy department . Eat food to keep yourself healthy and to lose fat which is stored in your body and water retained by your body cells in lack of nutrition which you are not providing to become skinny . 

simple 5 ways to get healthy weight loss : 

1.Avoid one day seriousness on diet plan : Do any healthy diet plan for longer period of time and Do proper planing for your diet plan , avoid crash Diet , take professional guidence if your obesity is associated with any medical condition . 

2.Avoid less sleep and more gadgets : Creat a deciplin in your routin , fix your sleeping time and meal time , set priorities and avoid your gadgets in bed to avid disturbed sleep . its better to read any good book to get sound sleep . 

3.Avoid over rest and dependency : Rest is good but over rest is not just bad its very harmful it can make you rusted like iron on a single place for long , do your work your own ," your servent is get fit and your getting fat ". 

4.Avoid Dehydrating yourself : Take water without any excuse , keep your self hydrated , to eleminate toxins out of your body . 

5. Avoid unhealthy food : not to just lose weight , its important to stay healthy and to get out of  web of lifestyle disorders . 


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